Breast Augmentation Before and After

Plastic surgery is worthwhile for the right patient, but it can also be a long, tiring, and emotionally draining process. The end benefits are immeasurable, especially for a procedure like breast reduction, and many patients are happy to go through the difficult process of surgically achieving the body they want.

Overly large breasts can lead to back and neck problems, stress, and even poor self-esteem. If you’ve had a breast reduction or are planning one for the future, you may be nervous about the chance that your breast tissue will grow back. After all the effort of your first surgery, you probably don’t want to do it all again. Can it grow back? Is there anything you can do to preserve your breast reduction results?

Do Breasts Return After a Reduction?

Although it is rare that the breasts would “grow back” after a reduction surgery, it certainly can happen. Your body is an intricate network of systems, chemicals, and organs, all working together to react to various factors in your environment. We face many changes throughout our lifetimes, from hormone fluctuations and weight gain to physical trauma and illness. Just as life is unpredictable, our bodies sometimes react in ways we don’t expect.

With that said, it’s very atypical for a breast reduction patient to return for a second procedure. The surgery removes skin, fatty tissue, and actual breast tissue to reduce the breasts to a more proportional and comfortable size. It is intended to be a long-lasting, if not permanent, result that allows women with overly large breasts to enjoy life to its fullest without being held back by their bodies.

If the breasts do increase in size after surgery, it can be for a few different reasons:

  • Drastic hormonal changes, such as menopause
  • Significant weight gain
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Medications, especially those that affect the endocrine system
  • Continued physical growth after surgery, which usually occurs only in very young patients in their teens

How Can I Prevent Breast Regrowth?

Most patients won’t have to worry about their results reversing after a breast reduction, but it’s important to stay in tune with your body’s changes to prevent this from happening. The best way to care for your smaller breasts is to care for your overall health and wellness. Eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, getting regular exercise, and maintaining your weight in a healthy range will set the foundation for lifelong breast reduction results. These tools can help you to combat an increase in breast size during your pregnancy as well, although it may not prevent it completely.

If you are planning to have children and breastfeed in the future, talk to your plastic surgeon about it during your breast reduction consultation. Not only will this let him or her know that you would like to keep your milk ducts intact, but it will also open up a dialogue about your own personal approach to breast reduction. In some cases, you may be advised to wait. In others, you may be encouraged to check in after your surgery and your pregnancy for another evaluation. With a working relationship between you and your surgeon, you’re already one step ahead in the prevention of breast regrowth.

Finally, keeping your hormones balanced can be challenging in a world where environmental factors and biological changes can throw them off quite easily. If you’re concerned that you may be at risk for hormonal spikes that could encourage breast regrowth, consult with your plastic surgeon and an endocrinologist to find the solution for you.

Plan Ahead for Your Best Breast Reduction Results

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