Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Bluffton

One of those is the excess skin that’s left behind once the pounds are shed. One of the most common areas of concern is the arms.

Most are aware of the dangers of obesity. However, that doesn’t change the fact that over one third of the US population is considered obese. It can be difficult to lose large amounts of weight, but, when you do, there are certain results that many don’t expect.

Saggy skin gives you the all too common flappy effect, also known as bat wings, and this can diminish your overall self-esteem. You deserve to truly enjoy the fruits of your hard work, and you can. When you opt to get an arm lift, scientifically known as brachioplasty, you can flaunt your new body to the world with the confidence you deserve.

Afraid of showing your arms in public?

Afraid showing your arms in public? Do you feel like the skin would stick out too much and make you look unattractive? If so, Weniger Plastic Surgery offers arm lifts to help patients achieve a more toned and youthful appearance. Arm lifts are a great option for those who want to improve their appearance without undergoing a more extensive surgery. Contact Weniger Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation.

Weniger Plastic Surgery is a leading provider of arm lift surgery in the Bluffton area. We offer minimally invasive procedures that produce natural-looking results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if arm lift surgery is right for you.

What is Arm Lift Surgery?

Arm lift surgery is a procedure which has an end goal of reducing or eliminating the saggy skin that droops down following a significant weight loss. Those who undergo the surgery are able to enjoy a more defined arm. Not only is the excess skin removed, but the surgeon will also take measures to get to the root of the issue by smoothing the supportive tissues beneath the skin to help promote long-lasting results patients can enjoy.

Arm lift surgery also helps prevent localized pockets of fat from forming in the upper area of the arm. The procedure is growing in popularity as those who lose weight want the chance to truly enjoy the new and improved appearance of their bodies.

Why Have Arm Lift Procedure?

The most obvious benefit to having arm lift surgery is that you’ll be able to enjoy the aesthetic results. However, you may not realize how much this will positively impact your day until you have the procedure done. Just a few of the things you’ll be able to do without thinking twice include:

  • Waving
  • Playing with your kids
  • Hugging friends and family members

Best of all, you can better ensure you’ll be able to keep the weight off. It can be embarrassing to engage in your workout regimen when you have to lift weights and engage in so many other movements that require you to lift your arms.

Arm Lift Procedure

At the start of the procedure, you’ll be given general anesthesia. In addition, you may be given additional local numbing medicine to help alleviate the pain you may experience once the procedure is finished.

Once the anesthesia has taken effect, your surgeon will begin by making an incision near the armpit. The length of the incision is dependent on your unique situation. In most circumstances, the cut will extend from the armpit to the elbow or past it. However, you may be able to reap benefits with a shorter incision. Then, the excess upper arm tissue is directly excised. In some cases, the surgeon may opt to combine liposuction to the procedure to achieve the most desirable results, and they can discuss this possibility with you during consultation.

Brachioplasty improves the contours of the upper arm area with incisions typically placed in the inner arm region. The smoother, tighter contours that result from any body lift procedure are apparent almost immediately, although initially obscured by some swelling and brusing. Skin quality is dramatically improved both in appearance and feel. Although permanent, the resulting incision lines are generally placed within the natural body contours.

Are You a Candidate?

Arm lift surgery has helped thousands achieve the level of self-confidence necessary to fully enjoy life. Your surgeon can help you decide pursuit of brachioplasty is your best option, but there are some factors you can consider before your consultation to decide if you’re a good candidate. For starters, if you are struggling with laxity in the skin on your upper arm, you could very possibly benefit. Other factors to consider prior to seeking arm lift surgery include:

  • A recent loss of a substantial amount of weight
  • You are a non-smoker
  • You are not significantly overweight and do not have any diseases that affect your body’s ability to heal