Breast Enhancement Article

Breast Enhancement – TV Spot Copy (Frederick G. Weniger)

Hello, my name is Dr. Fred Weniger of Weniger Plastic Surgery bringing you this week’s health tip:

Last week I talked to you about breast reduction surgery to relieve the real physical symptoms of overly large breasts. Today, I want to talk about the options that are available for the cosmetic improvement of breasts.

As most ladies get older, and especially if they had children and breast-fed, they will notice that their breast become droopy. This occurs as the breast becomes flatter and more elongated. Usually, the position of the nipple also changes and begins to point down at the floor instead of straight ahead. For many women, these changes are very upsetting, because they can make women look far older than they actually feel. For these women, breast lifts can surgically fix the droopy appearance and provide younger, perkier appearing breasts. There are several different types of breast lifts, and the type that is right for a given women often relates to what shape she starts with.

For some ladies, it is not just the sagging of their breasts that bothers them, but also a loss of fullness. In fact, it is very common for women to lose size in their breasts after having children, after breast feeding, after significant weight-loss, or just with getting older. For many such women, this loss of fullness is very upsetting, because it can significantly change the way they look even in clothes. For these ladies, a combination breast lift with a simultaneous augmentation with breast implants is the perfect solution to solve both the sagging and loss of fullness. Often, this procedure can restore the look that a woman had before her children.

Some women do not have any problems with sagging of their breasts, but would just like to increase the size of their breasts. Research has shown just how psychologically damaging excessively small breasts can be to a woman’s self-esteem and confidence. Thankfully, this common problem can easily be addressed with breast implants. Despite the large amount of misinformation which circulates, breast implants currently used in this country are quite safe and have never been proven to cause any of the systemic problems once suggested. Breast augmentation is actually a very affordable, straightforward procedure with a rapid recovery and incredible patient satisfaction.

While all of these options for breast enhancement are readily available, the best option for an individual patient must be thoughtfully chosen through consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Again, this is Dr. Fred Weniger of Weniger Plastic Surgery. I’ll be back next week to talk about body contouring and improvements in the tummy area.