Liposuction Bluffton

A fit and well proportioned body is often considered a symbol of health and vitality. But despite good health and a reasonable level of fitness, some individuals may still have a body with disproportionate contours due to localized (at deposits. These areas may be due to heredity or family traits rather than a lack of weight control or fitness.

If you are bothered by excess fat deposits, located anywhere on your face or body, that do not respond to diet or exercise, liposuction may be right for you. In general, liposuction slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing localized or regional excess fat deposits, improving your body contours and proportion, and ultimately, enhancing your self-image.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction, also called lipoplasty or suction lipectomv is the surgical removal of localized or regional excess fatty tissue. There are three common variations to the procedure:

  • Traditional liposuction, simply defined as surgical suctioning of excess fat deposits
  • The tumescent or super-wet technique that requires an infusion of saline solution, with added adrenaline and possibly anesthetic prior to removal of excess fat
  • Ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty or UAL, where ultrasonic energy is used to liquefy excess fat prior to surgical suctioning

These techniques may he used to reduce localized fat deposits of the:

  • Cheeks, chin and neck
  • Hips and Buttocks
  • Upper arms
  • Thighs
  • Breast or chest area
  • Inner knee
  • Back
  • Calves and ankles
  • Abdomen and waist

In some cases, liposuction is performed alone, in other cases it is used with plastic surgery procedures such as a facelift, male or female breast reduction, or a tummy tuck. Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity or a substitute for proper diet and exercise. It is also not an effective treatment for cellulite, the dimpled skin that typically appears on the thighs, hips and buttocks.

Love my face lift and will love it more after swelling goes down – I would do it again tomorrow – The staff is great!

Liposuction can, however, permanently reshape body contours where excess fat deposits create areas that are disproportionately large in an otherwise balanced figure. Ideal candidates for liposuction are adults of any age within 30% of their ideal weight and with firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone. Good candidates are defined as:

  • Healthy individuals who do not have a life-threatening illness or medical conditions that can impair healing
  • Non-smokers
  • Individuals with a positive outlook and specific goals in mind for body contouring

Special considerations may be necessary for individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or previous surgery to the treatment area.

My Liposuction

Liposuction is a highly individualized procedure that requires careful consideration of your specific concerns and the areas in which you desire improvement. An evaluation of skin tone and elasticity, as well as fat density and distribution will determine appropriate techniques for your specific case.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure. All liposuction techniques require incisions in or near the area to be suctioned for insertion of an appropriately sized cannula. In some cases, incisions may be so small that no stitches are required for closure. Once the cannula tip has loosened excess fat, the fat is removed using a surgical vacuum or powered suction device. An alternative method uses a syringe attached to the cannula to manually suction away fat.

Manual suctioning with a syringe is more commonly used when areas of fat removal are small and very isolated, or when it is planned that fat will be processed and reinjected in other areas of the body. This procedure is called fat grafting and may he used to fill-in wrinkles or hollow areas of the face or depressions appearing anywhere on the face or body.

Where large amounts are suctioned from one area, compression garments may assist during the healing process to help skin conform to the reduced body contours. Secondary procedures may sometimes he recommended to reduce excess skin. Special considerations are needed when large amounts, usually more than 5 liters, or 5000ccs, of fat are suctioned.

A Consultation is always the best place to start.

Liposuction Procedures for the Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, SC and Savannah, GA Area

A consultation with your plastic surgeon is the first step to learn how a breast lift can improve your breast contours. A consultation is designed to fully educate you about breast lift in a non-pressured environment, and will include:

  • A discussion of your goals and an evaluation of your individual case
  • The options available in breast lift surgery
  • The likely outcomes of a breast lift and any risks or potential complications
  • The prescribed course of treatment recommended by your plastic surgeon

Liposuction Procedures for the Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and Savannah, GA Area Patient Testimonials

V.S.P. (A very satisfied patient)
At sixty-one years old, the passage of time had taken its toll. Diet, exercise and personal trainers just couldn’t give me the results I sought. Through research of area plastic surgeons, I was drawn to Dr. Fred Weniger. His medical training and academic achievements were extremely impressive. The initial consultation with Frederick G. Weniger, M.D., F.A.C.S. put me at total ease. His confidence, personable manner and recommendation for body contouring with liposuction excited and motivated me to make the commitment and finally move forward. To say I am delighted with the results is an understatement! I feel twenty years younger and am wearing clothing two and three times smaller. Now my outside matches my inside and I am relishing all the compliments from family and friends. If you are thinking about plastic surgery, I whole-heartedly encourage you to meet with Dr. Fred Weniger to explore your options. I did and I am thrilled!

Liposuction FAQs

What are the risks and complications involved with having liposuction?

As with any surgery, there are risks involved. Some possible risks associated with liposuction are contour irregularities, dimpling, waviness, permanent bruising and numbness. However, having a qualified plastic surgeon perform your surgery minimizes the chances of complications. Dr. Weniger will fully present any risk possibilities to you during your consultation.

Who are the best candidates for liposuction?

Healthy patients with localized deposits of fat (in diet-resistant areas) and good skin elasticity generally are the best candidates.

Is liposuction safe?

It is safe when performed by a qualified surgeon who is experienced with the latest liposuction techniques. It is safer to have it performed in a hospital or out-patient facility along with a board certified anesthesiologist.

Is the fat removal permanent?

Adults have a fixed number of fat cells part of which are permanently removed with liposuction. The remaining fat cells can grow larger, especially if you don’t maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime. Problem spots can return, although weight gain after liposuction will usually be distributed elsewhere more than in the original problem areas.

How long will it take before I will see the way I will look?

The new body shape begins to emerge immediately. It could take up to three to six months for all of the swelling to resolve.

Is liposuction painful?

With newer, state-of-the-art techniques, most patients feel less discomfort than they once did. Most patients describe the discomfort as soreness, comparable to a bruise. Also, the long-acting local anesthetic solution that is used during the procedure minimizes the pain immediately following the procedure. Pain pills are given for the following days. Patients are usually feeling much improved in a few days.

Is liposuction a replacement for diet and exercise?

Liposuction is an excellent way to contour the body, but is most effective on localized areas of fat, and is not intended as a replacement for diet and exercise. Lliposuction is less of a weight loss procedure and more of a reshaping method.

I am from Bluffton and I have always had a double chin. Years ago, I even got some stupid chin straps that were supposed to firm it up and of course it did not. Can liposuction help?

If you are young and do not have loose skin in the area, liposuction is probably your answer. The vast majority of young patients with a double chin can get a tremendous amount of improvement with very minimal surgery and minimal downtime with just liposuction. Unfortunately, older patients with loose skin really need to have a neck lift.

Additional FAQs: