Would You Get ‘Brotox?’ The Popularity of Botox with Men

If you think plastic surgery and facial injections are only for women, you might be a bit behind on the times. In today’s world, a growing number of men are seeking anti-aging treatments and other procedures. If there was ever a stigma against plastic surgery for men, it’s all but gone now. Some procedures have even adopted their own nicknames among male patients, such as ‘Brotox,’ the new trend among men receiving Botox, one of the most popular facial injections.

What Are Botox Injections?

Botox is one of the most popular varieties of cosmetic injectables available for facial anti-aging treatments. Injectables are cosmetic solutions injected into the skin in order to restore a more youthful look to the faces of patients experiencing visible signs of aging. They provide a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to those who would like to reduce the appearance of deep folds, fine lines, and wrinkles on the face. Injectables can serve as a replacement for plastic surgery in some cases as well as a compliment to a recent surgical procedure for other patients.

Specifically, Botox is one facial injectable that has a long reputation as a safe, reputable brand. Approved for use as an anti-aging treatment, Botox is derived from Botulinum Toxin Type A and is safest when administered in small doses by a skilled, trained professional. Simply stated, Botox works by stopping the communication between nerves and muscles at the injection site. These muscles will be targeted by your surgeon as being responsible for your dynamic wrinkles. With the muscles relaxed and unable to contract as normal, the wrinkles gradually fade and the result is a younger-looking face.

How Can Men Benefit from Botox?

As many aging men can attest, getting wrinkles is not just a female thing. The same muscles of the face can cause the same wrinkles in men as in women, given enough time. While we are speaking, making facial expressions, and basically using our facial muscles in the many ways we do, creases in the skin like crow’s feet and frown lines may develop. Botox interferes with this process by freezing the tiny muscles moving and creasing the skin to form fine lines and wrinkles. Not only will it delay the process of aging in these areas, but it will reduce the appearance of the lines that already exist.

So why do men need to consider Botox? Well, the statistics on this topic seem to speak the loudest. As the number of men seeking Botox injections jumps 10% each year, there is a growing number of male Botox patients out in the world. Botox patient or not, there will always be younger-looking men waiting to take the spots of middle-aged men in the workplace and in life. With the pressures of the economy, the strain on the workforce, and the high rate of lay-offs today, looking your best every day certainly can’t hurt to convince the people who matter that you’re as young, confident, and capable as you ever have been. Besides, it’s a quick and easy procedure that involves no pain and no recovery time, so you’ll be back to work right when your lunch break ends.

What Should I Expect from a Facial Injection?

Any facial injection, whether it is Botox or another similar brand such as Dysport, will be performed in much the same way. Using a very fine needle, your plastic surgeon will inject Botox precisely into the area where fine lines exist. Common areas for treatment include the crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes or the tiny lines that form around the mouth or on the forehead. Most patients report that the actual injection feels like a tiny pin prick or a bug bite, nothing to cause large amounts of pain at all. Some patients experience mild discomfort, yet even this is tolerable given the very fine size of the needle.

Once the Botox has been injected into all of the targeted areas, the effects are fast acting. There is no recovery period involved with Botox. Some slight redness can occur at the injection sites, but this is rare and usually unnoticeable. The changes are subtle enough that your friends, family and coworkers might not even notice, yet dramatic enough that you’ll suddenly appear younger and refreshed. Your results from Botox will last a few months, so they are not permanent. Follow-up treatments can be scheduled with your plastic surgeon’s office to avoid any lapse in your great new look.

Where Can I Get Botox Treatments for Myself?

At LUX , Frederick G. Weniger, M.D., F.A.C.S. and Susan Coker, PA-C provide their patients with years of experience and knowledge during one-on-one consultations regarding Botox or any other non surgical procedure available at the practice. Dr. Weniger is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He believes good information lies at the heart of success in all of his surgeries and interactions with his patients.

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