What is the best filler for me?

This is a common question. The answer depends on what area of the face you would like to address. Fillers vary in viscosity, their thickness or cohesiveness. More viscous injectable fillers are generally placed deeper within the skin in areas of less movement and tend to last longer. Less viscous fillers can be placed within the dermis to treat wrinkles and in the lips to define or enhance lips.

One of the ways a face ages is volume loss. Radiesse is a highly viscose filler which can be placed in the cheeks to replace volume and diminish nasolabial folds and prejowl depressions around the mouth. Radiesse (calcium hydroxyl apatite) is the most viscous filler available in the US. Because it holds its shape better it can also be used to smooth the profile of the nose and increase the projection of the chin.

Lips, on the other hand, are soft, mobile and kissable. You want a soft, smooth less viscous product like Juvederm (hyaluronic acid) for lips. Wrinkles around the lips and mouth are also better suited to juvederm ultra.

As you can imagine more than one filler may be needed to best address overall facial aging. Fortunately we at Weniger Plastic Surgery offer every safe effective option available to treat your individual needs.