Recent Botox Event

At our recent Weniger Plastic Surgery Event, so many 1st time Botox patients were surprised at how painless Botox injections are.  There were also lots of questions about how Botox works and how much it cost.  Botox and Dysport work by inhibiting muscle contractions so the skin on top doesn’t move as much and then the wrinkles go away.  Brows can also be shaped by relaxing the muscles the “crow’s feet.”  This gives them a nice lateral lift.  The cost is determined by how many units are needed to relax an area.  For example the vertical “eleven” lines between the eyes usually require 20 to 25 units of Botox or 40 to 50 units of Dysport.  At Weniger Plastic Surgery we charge by the unit rather than the area.  Each person is unique so to achieve optimal results tailoring the number or units to that patient works the best.  I love to see patients back two weeks after a procedure to see the results and fine tune treatment units for the next time.  Happy Holidays from Susan and all the staff and Weniger Plastic Surgery!