Popular Myths About Chin Implants

Gathering the facts, and just the facts, is an important part of planning for any facial plastic surgery. Chin augmentation surgery is one of the simpler types of cosmetic procedures, yet there are some harmful myths circulating around it. Dispel these myths once and for all so you can discover the benefits a chin implant might offer you. Many patients are pleased with the improvement to their confidence, self-esteem, and appearance. Learn the facts from the fiction about chin augmentation to determine if this procedure is right for you.

Myth: Facial Implants Are Too Dangerous

The idea of implanting a synthetic material into the body isn’t new in the world of medical science. It may, however, be a new concept for a prospective chin augmentation patient. If you’re worried about unsafe materials, chemicals, allergic reactions, or potential rejection of the implant, you can relax. Your plastic surgeon will talk with you in detail about the safe, biocompatible materials that comprise facial implants so you can make the decision that’s best for you without worrying about your safety.

Myth: Chin Augmentation Recovery Takes a Long Time

Surgery can seem like a big deal, especially when you’re trying to plan enough time off for a full recovery. One of the benefits of chin implant surgery is the short recovery time needed. Instead of healing for several weeks, as some prospective patients might expect, most patients see minimal to moderate swelling for about three days. After your chin augmentation, you should expect to return to work and your regular activities in about one week. Discuss the specifics of your surgery and recovery timeframe during your chin augmentation consultation.

Myth: Chin Implants Look Too Obvious to Hide

If chin implants can make such a big impact on your appearance, they must look obvious to other people, right? Not necessarily. In fact, a successful chin augmentation will look as natural as possible while also balancing your profile and achieving the results you want. When planning your chin augmentation, you’ll have a wide range of implant sizes and shapes to choose from. Your plastic surgeon will guide you through the process and make his or her expert recommendation for a chin implant that suits your facial structure. Subtle enhancements can make a bigger difference than you might expect, leaving others to wonder just what you’re doing differently.

Myth: Chin Augmentation Is a High-Risk Procedure

Because chin augmentation is a facial surgery, many prospective patients make the mistake of assuming it will be a high-risk or complicated procedure. In reality, chin implant surgery carries very few risks for patients. Like other surgeries, there is always the slight risk of delayed healing, infection, or prolonged swelling. Chin implants require a very small number of incisions, reducing your odds for healing trouble. Many patients experience short recovery times and minimal bleeding, a definite benefit of this straightforward procedure.

There is one potential complication that is unique to chin augmentation: a shifting implant. Very rarely, a chin implant may not be secured properly and will shift after surgery. If this occurs, a follow-up procedure can correct the problem without causing any further trouble. Talk to your plastic surgeon about any fears or concerns you have about your surgery so you can get the facts right.

Myth: Only Men Get Chin Implants

While there is definitely more social pressure on men to have strong chins, many women can benefit from a chin augmentation procedure as well. Women can have weak chins that throw their profiles off-balance and affect their entire appearance. A chin implant can help both men and women achieve better harmony among their facial features. To discuss your surgical options for chin enhancement, meet with a board certified plastic surgeon today.

Plan a Chin Augmentation Consultation Today

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