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Xeomin FillerXeomin® is a botulinum toxin type A injectable that is similar to Botox® and Dsyport™. It was approved by the FDA in July of 2011 for the treatment of moderate to severe frown lines, or the vertical lines which appear between the eyes. Xeomin® is also used for the treatment of blepharospasm and cervical dystonia.

As with Botox® and Dysport™, Xeomin® works by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles which are responsible for wrinkles. This effectively prevents the muscles from contracting and the associated wrinkles or creases from forming. While discomfort is generally minimal during treatment, a topical anesthetic may first be applied. Xeomin® is then injected directly into the muscle with a very fine needle.

Xeomin® is similar to Botox® in that the full effect typically occurs within one week, with the results lasting an average of three to six months. Unlike Botox® and Dysport™, however, Xeomin® does not require refrigeration which may make distribution of the product simpler. In addition, there are no additives in Xeomin®. This is important as it decreases the risk of patients developing antibodies which could make them resistant to Xeomin® and its effects.

As with all injectable treatments, there are potential side effects which may result. The possible side effects associated with Xeomin® include bleeding, bruising and allergic reaction. There are other potential side effects associated with the use of Xeomin® for the treatment of blepharospasm and cervical dystonia, including neck pain, muscle weakness, musculoskeletal pain, dry eye, dry mouth and headache.

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