Juvederm Bluffton

Juvederm™ is an injectable filler comprised of hyaluronic acid. It was approved by the FDA in June of 2006 for the treatment of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. 

Juvederm™ is commonly used to treat wrinkles surrounding the mouth, nose and forehead, including the nasogenian groves which are the folds between the cheeks and nose as well as the nasolabial folds, or the lines running from the nose to the corners of the mouth. Juvederm™ is also used to enhance the lips and contour the cheeks.

If you’re considering Juvederm™ for yourself or your child, this information will give you a basic understanding of the procedure-when it can help, how it’s performed, and what results you can expect. It can’t answer all of your questions, since a lot depends on your individual circumstances. Please be sure to ask your doctor if there is anything you don’t understand about the procedure.

Are you self-conscious of your nose and cheeks?

Do you feel like they stick out too much and make you look unprofessional or unattractive? If so, Weniger Plastic Surgery can help. We offer Juvederm™ to help reduce the size and prominence of your nose and cheekc, giving you a more confident appearance. Our procedures are minimally invasive and produce natural-looking results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if Juvederm™ is right for you.

Weniger Plastic Surgery is a leading provider of Juvederm™ in the Bluffton area. We offer minimally invasive procedures that produce natural-looking results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if Juvederm™ is right for you.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body which diminishes with age. Juvederm™ can be used to supplement the body’s natural hyaluronic acid. It is biocompatible and biodegradable. Because hyaluronic acid binds to water it effectively plumps the skin, restoring lost volume and smoothing away facial wrinkles and folds.

There are two types of Juvederm™: Juvederm™ Ultra and Juvederm™ XC. Juvederm™ Ultra is typically used to correct moderately deep facial wrinkles and to augment the lips. Juvederm™ XC has a denser formulation which can be used to treat much deeper facial folds.

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No allergy pre-testing is required for treatment with Juvederm™. While discomfort is usually minimal, a topical anesthetic may be applied beforehand to maximize the patient’s comfort. A very fine needle is used to inject the Juvederm™ into the mid- to deep dermis. Treatment may take as little as fifteen minutes to complete and effects are seen immediately.

There is little recovery or downtime following treatment with Juvederm™ and patients are able to immediately return to work and other normal activities. Results typically last six to nine months and may last longer with a follow-up treatment performed within a few weeks of the first treatment. Because of the smooth gel consistency, Juvederm™ often provides smoother, more natural-looking results compared to other types of fillers.

Side effects are generally rare but may include redness, tenderness, discoloration, firmness, swelling, bumps and/or bruising.