DYSPORT Bluffton

Dysport™ is an alternative injectable treatment to Botox® which was approved by the FDA to treat forehead wrinkles and frown lines in the Spring of 2009.

This wrinkle relaxer is derived from the same neurotoxin as Botox®, the botulinum toxin type A, and it was initially developed to treat neuromuscular disorders.

If you’re considering Dysport surgery for yourself or your child, this information will give you a basic understanding of the procedure-when it can help, how it’s performed, and what results you can expect. It can’t answer all of your questions, since a lot depends on your individual circumstances. Please be sure to ask your doctor if there is anything you don’t understand about the procedure.

Dysport™ works by blocking the message from the nerves to the muscles which are responsible for certain wrinkles. This prevents the muscles from contracting, thus diminishing the wrinkles. It is commonly used to target the glabellar muscles, which are the muscles in the forehead responsible for the forehead creasing that appears when you frown.

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Dysport™ is injected in small amounts directly into the muscle using a very fine needle. Discomfort is generally minimal during injection, however a topical anesthetic may be used to maximize the patient’s comfort. Fewer injections are often needed compared to Botox®.
Dysport™ is believed to act quicker than Botox®, with some patients seeing results in as little as one to two days as opposed to three to five days as with Botox®. Results may also last longer because Dysport™ contains less protein than Botox® and is broken down more slowly by the body. Many patients enjoy the wrinkle smoothing effect for as much as six months to a year. Though Dysport™ is a very safe injectable treatment, there are potential side effects as with any injectable treatment and these may include local numbness, swelling, bruising and discomfort during the time of injection. In addition, drooping of the eyelid or eyebrow may occur if injected improperly.