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Botox Injections Savannah, GABotox® is a type of injectable cosmetic treatment and one that most people are familiar with. A prescription injectable, Botox® is derived from a protein compound found in the bacteria botulism. Small amounts of Botox® are highly effective and produce results by freezing the muscles at the site of the injection.

As our skin ages, the movement of the facial muscles during speech and while making facial expressions leads to collagen breaking down. This, in turn, affects the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. When collagen begins to lack in the skin layers, the skin reacts by creasing and sagging. Botox® freezes tiny facial muscles by blocking the nerve signals transmitted between the facial muscles and brain, and it also fills in specific areas of the face.

While the effects of Botox® aren’t permanent, they are immediate. Botox® is beneficial to those who prefer to avoid a full face lift, but would still like to improve their appearance by getting rid of fine lines. Since Botox® is an injectable that’s easily administered with no side effects, it can be injected during a lunch hour or work break, and then work can be resumed with no problem. Bandages are not necessary after receiving Botox treatments and no one will ever know a treatment has been administered unless they are told.

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A very fine needle is used to inject Botox at the precise location where fine lines exist, such as crow’s feet or tiny lines around the mouth or on the forehead. The procedure itself may cause some discomfort but is generally tolerable due to the fact that the needles are so fine. Only trained administrators can legally provide Botox® treatments and treatment from someone without adequate training is an unsafe idea.

Reputable Botox® administrators will always adhere to safety and sanitation guidelines to ensure the safety of the patient. Depending upon the number of injections needed, a Botox® treatment should require 15 minutes, and then repeated treatments will be required every three to four months to maintain the results.

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