Mommy Makeover in Savannah, Georgia

At Weniger Plastic Surgery, renowned board-certified physician, Frederick G. Weniger, MD, merges an artistic eye and surgical skill to perform mommy makeovers in Savannah, Georgia.

Dr. Weniger and his dedicated team understand how distressing it can be to feel uncomfortable in your own body. For mommy makeovers, Dr. Weniger believes in empowering women through education and customized advice. He wants every woman to feel her most confident and fulfilled after her mommy makeover, so he works closely with every woman, every step of the way.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a customized set of cosmetic surgical procedures that return a woman’s body to a younger appearance. Many women who opt for a mommy makeover in Savannah are unhappy with the changes in their body after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or both.

Although it’s called a “mommy” makeover, this type of surgery isn’t limited to moms. It’s normal to experience some changes as the body ages, and often these changes occur in the same areas most affected by pregnancy. Whether you’ve had kids or not, a mommy makeover is an effective way to surgically address serious body concerns.

Surgeries Included in a Savannah Mommy Makeover

At Weniger Plastic Surgery, every Savannah mommy makeover is different because Dr. Weniger tailors it for each individual woman. It all depends on which areas are of personal concern, but common areas include:


Breast surgery is a common part of mommy makeovers. Through a customized surgery, Dr. Weniger can add volume, lift, reshape, and otherwise create breasts that a woman is happy with. Mastopexy (breast lift) and breast augmentation with implants are the most common breast surgeries in mommy makeovers.

Abdominal Area/Tummy

The tummy is often a major point of concern for women after childbirth or as they age. During an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Dr. Weniger can repair weak and separated abdominal muscles, remove excess fat, eliminate loose skin, and tighten the tummy area overall. There are several types of tummy tucks, including: mini tummy tucks if there’s not much loose skin, standard tummy tucks if there’s significant loose skin, or a circumferential abdominoplasty for women who have excess fat and skin all around the waist and back areas.

Hips, Thighs, and Other Areas

Liposuction, in which Dr. Weniger removes excess fat from problem areas, is one of the most common mommy makeover components. In this procedure, Dr. Weniger can sculpt the body into the desired shape, reducing love handles, saddlebags, and other areas where fat tends to collect.

Vaginal Area

The genital area can change significantly with both age and childbirth. The labia minora, the inner vaginal lips, and the labia majora, the outer vaginal tissue, can grow droopy, thin, and stretched-out. In addition to appearance changes, this can cause discomfort during intercourse, dryness, and embarrassment. During a labiaplasty, Dr. Weniger restores appearance and function by trimming excess skin on the labia minora and fat grafting the labia major.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

The best way to discover if you are a good candidate for a mommy makeover is by scheduling a consultation at Weniger Plastic Surgery. In general, if you’re unhappy with how your body looks after any of the following, a mommy makeover is often an excellent solution:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Significant weight gain or weight loss
  • Changes related to aging

Many women who choose to undergo a mommy makeover find that it’s the ideal answer because it’s such a personalized set of procedures. Dr. Weniger only performs surgery on individual areas of concern, whether it’s the breasts, belly, thighs, vaginal area, or all of the above. Most women have a tummy tuck and some type of breast surgery during a mommy makeover, but it’s unique to each woman.

Dr. Weniger can often perform two or more procedures at one time, meaning the patient goes under anesthesia only once. This makes surgery more cost efficient, with an easier recovery overall. However, in some situations a staged approach is better, especially if a more complex surgery (like circumferential abdominoplasty) and two or more breast surgeries are needed.

What to Expect After My Mommy Makeover?

After a mommy makeover in Savannah, recovery is often far easier than expected. Dr. Weniger is a highly skilled surgeon who uses the most advanced techniques and customized approaches to encourage optimal results and smooth recoveries.

For six weeks after an abdominoplasty procedure, avoid heavy lifting, and for six weeks after breast surgery, avoid using pectoral muscles. Restrictions are even fewer with liposuction and labiaplasty. Many other types of exercise, particularly walking, are usually fine starting the day after surgery. In fact, Dr. Weniger strongly encourages walking several miles a day!

Patients return to Weniger Plastic Surgery for a follow-up appointment 3-4 days after the procedure, and then for another a week or so later. At six weeks post-operation, patients return for an additional appointment. This is when photos are taken to chart progress. Many women are simply amazed at the dramatic transformation over such a short time. Most patients have a six-month follow-up for their final check-in.

Ready to feel more confident about your body? Dislike your belly, breasts, hips, thighs, or all of the above? A mommy makeover with Savannah’s premier plastic surgeon at Weniger Plastic Surgery can restore your confidence and help you feel like yourself once more. Book a consultation with Dr. Weniger by calling the office or using the online contact form anytime.