Men Can Improve Their Bodies with Different Procedures

It’s easy to think that men don’t have to work as hard for their bodies as women, but in fact, men suffer from the social pressure to have the perfect body just like women do. The anxiety and the lack of self-esteem can start as early as their teenage years and carry on well into adulthood. Even being healthy with a balanced diet and regular exercise may not be enough to give them a fit, toned look. Thankfully, plastic surgery isn’t just for women and there are several procedures offered by Weniger Plastic Surgery that work just as well for men at improving their bodies. These procedures include abdominoplasty, breast reduction, liposuction, and CoolSculpting.


Men and women often struggle with a poochy tummy or love handles around their hips that result from accumulated excess fat. Both genders can be helped with an abdominoplasty, which improves toning and contouring around the tummy. Incisions around the hips give the surgeon access to the abdomen, where he can remove excess fat and repair the abdominal muscles. The skin is pulled back down to the incision site so excess soft tissue may be trimmed away before the incisions are closed.

Breast Reduction

Men can suffer from a condition known as gynecomastia, in which excess fat deposits around the chest cause a man to develop breasts. Sometimes this condition is the result of poor health habits, but it can also be caused by genetic factors. It can present in puberty and stick around as an adult. Once the condition manifests, it can be difficult to eliminate, even with good health habits. Breast reduction surgery for men removes the fat deposits, lifts the nipples if necessary, and tightens the skin across the chest so it appears smoother and fitter.


This is often used in abdominoplasty and breast reduction surgery as a means of removing the excess fat without needing giant incisions. However, liposuction can be used on its own around the torso where stubborn fat pockets are lurking. There are different methods of liposuction that determine how the fat is going to be broken up. Dr. Weniger commonly uses three: traditional, tumescent, and ultra-sound assisted.

In traditional liposuction, the fat is broken up manually using a small hollow tube that is inserted through a small incision. Once the tube is inside, it is moved back and forth to break up the fat. The fat is then removed through the tube.

Tumescent liposuction involves breaking up the fat with an influx of saline and adrenaline solution. The extra fluids flood the area and cause the fat to break up into smaller pieces, which can then be removed with the hollow tube through an incision.

With ultra-sound assisted liposuction, an ultrasonic pulse is emanated from a special machine into the skin. The energy pulse liquefies the fat without damaging any of the other surrounding tissues. The fat is then removed with the tube.

Whichever method is used, liposuction is very effective at providing a little extra toning and contouring to the male body. It is more useful when used in conjunction with other procedures, but for men who have small stubborn areas of fat, this is a great option.


For men who would prefer a nonsurgical means of improving their body, CoolSculpting is becoming a popular choice. A special instrument is used to apply cold temperatures to the top of the skin. The temperature isn’t so cold that it burns the skin and damages the soft tissue, but it is cold enough to freeze the fat cells. Fat freezes earlier than skin or muscles, so they remain unaffected. After the fat cells are frozen, they die and are eliminated from the body over a period of several weeks. Once the fat is gone, it will stay gone as long as the patient takes care of himself. There are no incisions and no surgery involved in this procedure, so patients are able to come in for the appointment and leave shortly afterward. It takes some time for the results to become apparent and may require multiple treatment sessions, but the ease of the treatment offsets these drawbacks.

Other Contouring Procedures

It may be that the torso is not the only place where men struggle with achieving good contouring. Other procedures like a neck lift or arm lift can also be used to improve a man’s body through surgery. Liposuction is used often with these procedures as well to get even better results.

Male Plastic Surgery Consultations

These procedures and many others are offered to male patients at Weniger Plastic Surgery. Though women are the dominant gender for patients, the number of male patients is steadily growing. Men are starting to become more aware of how their bodies, self-confidence, and anxiety levels may be improved using plastic surgery.

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