Male Facelifts on the Rise

The times are changing, especially if you’ve stepped into a plastic surgery waiting room recently. Now, more than ever before, you’ll spot men and women waiting alongside one another for a plastic surgery consultation, procedure, or follow-up visit. Why? Men are becoming more aware of the aging process and its effects, and the stigma that plastic surgery is only for women has begun to lift. Men now understand the importance of looking as good as they feel. All of these factors have pushed the facelift toward the top of the list of procedures most requested by men.

The Specifics of the Male Facelift

When it comes to the male facelift, the same strategies used in the female version of the surgery don’t always apply. In fact, there are several differences that must be considered when evaluating the male face for a facelift surgery. These changes do not make the surgical time longer or the recovery more difficult; rather, they are designed to improve the placement of well-hidden scars and prevent possible issues that could make a male facelift look unnatural once it has healed.

Facelifts for men are often more challenging for the surgeon because of the differences in physical make-up. In general, the male face is composed of sturdier ligament supports than a woman’s. Men’s faces also tend to be larger, with heavier necks and more vascular skin. Tissue with hair follicles is another issue to consider, because it affects how and where the skin can be manipulated while still looking natural. The surgeon will save a small area of hairless skin near the earlobe, then make adjustments that both tighten the skin while preserving the hairline throughout the lower half of the face and along the jaw line as much as possible. Because of these fundamental differences, the surgeon will likely use different tactics to achieve the same quality of results possible in female patients.

While differences do exist, the good news is that male facelifts are becoming more and more common in plastic surgery clinics across the country. As this procedure has grown in popularity, facial plastic surgeons have had the opportunity to refine the techniques used most successfully for male patients. Some of the differences may actually work toward the benefit of male patients; the extra thickness of the skin tends to leave men with less bruising and tenderness after surgery and makes for less discomfort during recovery.

Baby Boomers Lead the Corporate Charge

Part of this sudden uptick in popularity could be a result of the Baby Boomer generation’s way of managing the signs of aging. As the most populous generation in the United States, Boomers have set the pace for much of their lives, maybe not even intentionally. Today, as they cope with sagging, loose skin, wrinkles, and age spots, this generation’s men have decided not to let aging win the battle. With younger and younger men entering the workforce, climbing the corporate ladder alongside them, Boomer men understand the importance of looking good, staying fit and health, and defying age in every way you can. Perhaps this is a driving force for the new popularity of male facelifts.

Socially Available All the Time

With social networking, video chats, online conference calls, and many other ways to be face-to-face across time zones, the pressure is on both men and women to always look their best. These new ways of communicating make it impossible to work from home in your pajamas or avoid the judgment that comes along with a first visual impression. Due to the constant connectedness of the world these days, it’s easy to see why anyone, male or female, would feel an increased need to take years off their appearance and have the firmer, tauter face of their younger years.

Second Marriages & Other Fresh Starts

In today’s world, the divorce rate continues to hover around 50 percent, meaning that half of all married men are back out in the dating world somewhere during their midlife. Not only is this the perfect chance to get a fresh start at life and find a new partner, possibly leading to a subsequent marriage, but it is also the perfect excuse to recapture your youthful look through plastic surgery. Even aging men who remain happily married can enjoy the many benefits of the fresh start a facelift offers. There is no perfect reason to seek out plastic surgery to rejuvenate your appearance, whether it is a facelift, liposuction treatment, or a rhinoplasty. Contact a reputable, trusted plastic surgeon when you’re ready to explore the surgical options that could make you a new, younger-looking you.

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