Improving Your Appearance with a Browlift

Many people confuse the facelift with the browlift. Facelifts are often portrayed as a tightening of the whole face, including the forehead and eyes, so the skin looks smoother and firmer. In fact, the facelift traditionally addresses just the lower third of the face while it is the browlift that focuses on the area around and above the eyebrows.

Aging causes the skin to lose important fibers like collagen, which in turn causes the skin to become looser. Over time, wrinkles begin to form between the eyes and on the forehead, also known as “worry lines”. The skin also begins to hang lower on the forehead, creating a heavy brow that can give the person a sad, tired, or even angry appearance.

Browlifts are similar to facelifts in that they work to improve the appearance of the patient’s face by lifting and tightening the skin so it appears smoother and more youthful. Whereas a facelift targets the lower region of the face, a browlift focuses on the upper region of the face.

How a Browlift Works

Browlift surgery can be performed using a variety of techniques. Dr. Weniger uses both the endoscopic browlift and the classic browlift methods. An endoscopic browlift minimizes the amount of incisions and reduces the amount of necessary downtime. Three to five small incisions are made behind the hairline around the forehead. These incisions are only about half an inch to an inch long, just enough to allow the surgeon access to the inside of the soft tissue. An endoscope, which is a small camera device, is inserted into one of the incisions to allow the surgeon a clear view of the soft tissue, and then other small tools are used to repair muscles and reposition the soft tissue.

A classic browlift uses one long incision behind the hairline and across the entire length of the forehead, then the skin can be gently lifted back to allow the surgeon direct access to the muscles under the soft tissue. After the internal repairs are complete, the skin can be lifted back and any excess trimmed away before it is sutured back into place. This method is better suited to patients who require more extensive work or have a greater amount of damage to their skin.

For patients who have high or receding hairlines, the incisions can be made right at the hairline to avoid having an unnaturally high forehead. Similarly, if a patient has thinning or no hair, the incisions can be made along the middle of the scalp along the bone to make them less obvious.

Recovering From a Browlift

The initial recovery period after the browlift only takes a couple days, but the total recovery period can take about three weeks. Most patients are able to resume regular activities in about ten days, though endoscopic browlift patients may be able to get back to their regular routine even sooner. Your forehead will be swollen and maybe a little bruised, which will fade over time and can be concealed if necessary. It’s also important to be careful with washing your hair and being out in the sun while you recover. Once all the swelling goes away, you’re left with a face that looks younger, brighter, and healthier.

Schedule a Browlift Consultation

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