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Hair Restoration In Hilton Head Island

Restoring Confidence With Hair Restoration

For many, a full head of hair is part of what it takes to help you feel at your best. It can improve your personal and professional life, and for this reason, it’s vital to learn a little bit about what the hair restoration process entails. You may just find that a hair transplant procedure is for you!

Hilton Head Hair Transplant Experts

If you want to recapture the full head of hair from your youth, then a hair transplant procedure might be exactly what you need. It might surprise you to learn that many people suffer with pattern baldness or thinning hair—as many as 50 million men and 30 million women.

Fortunately, under the care of one of Hilton Head’s top plastic surgeons, you may be able to reverse this issue and once again enjoy healthy, thick hair.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Frederick G. Weniger is today a board-certified plastic surgeon and member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Over the years, he’s gained a wealth of experience and has helped many restore their confidence—and a lustrous mane.

He takes care to listen to individual needs so that he can develop a plan that is ideally suited to your specific desires and personal goals.

How Does Hair Restoration Work?

Our office uses the NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplantation system, which is a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. This procedure is minimally invasive, and it doesn’t result in the linear scar that other hair restoration methods sometimes leave behind.

With NeoGraft hair restoration, individual hair follicles are removed from naturally occurring groupings elsewhere on your scalp, then placed individually wherever thinning or balding is prominent.

Because this is a minimally invasive procedure, recovery times are typically fast. Since it uses your own hair follicles, the result is a natural head of hair.

The procedure is done using a small dermal punch that removes hair roots from your scalp’s donor area. This means that no strip of hair is harvested, which is what causes the linear scar that comes from other types of hair transplantation procedures.

Benefits of the NeoGraft Procedure

There are many reasons to choose this type of hair transplantation over others. Specifically, the NeoGraft system is the only FDA-cleared follicular unit implantation system, and it is among the most advanced hair transplantation systems within the industry.

Because it relies on the removal and replacement of individual follicles, it is precise, allowing for hair to be taken from selected areas of the scalp and placed where needed. Because of this, NeoGraft hair restoration is discreet—and that can be beneficial where hair loss is emotionally charged.

The result is superior to other types of hair restoration, too. Implanted hair looks perfectly natural, and you’ll be able to grow it as short or long as you choose. Because the harvesting system relies on a small punch tool rather than a scalpel, local anesthetic can be used, and recovery time is fast. Your activities after the procedure should be minimally affected.

On top of all of this, NeoGraft hair restoration is affordable. We are pleased to offer programs that will meet your financial and aesthetic needs.

Hair Restoration Candidates

Both men and women can be candidates for the NeoGraft hair transplantation procedure. One of the primary criteria for choosing candidates is the presence of a good amount of donor hair along the back of the scalp that can be used to fill in balding areas elsewhere.

Ideally, this procedure is for patients who like having their hair shorter along the back and sides of the scalp where the hair will be harvested from.

This is also a good procedure for people who want minimal disruption to daily activities. Unlike strip transplantation methods, there is no suturing, so this type of hair restoration is perfect for someone who needs to get back to daily life quickly—or for people who might otherwise shy away from the strip transplantation method. And if you have had strip harvests done before, then NeoGraft can be used to transplant hair over the scar to help conceal it!

What Will Hair Restoration In The Hilton Head Area Cost?

This can depend on a number of factors. For instance, the scope of the procedure will affect the cost, with more extensive work costing more than smaller procedures. However, NeoGraft is an affordable hair restoration procedure, and we can discuss your financial needs as well as your aesthetic goals to come up with the right plan for you.

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