Does it matter where I have my body lift procedure.

Is it okay to have a body lift performed in the surgery center or should it take place in the hospital? Also, should there be an overnight stay afterwards or is it okay to go home the same day?

For a true body lift, I think you should stay overnight afterwards. It is the safest thing to do. Most of the time, this means doing the procedure in the hospital. There are some surgery centers where you can stay overnight and be monitored by a nursing staff all the way until the next morning. In other words, the surgery center is acting somewhat like a hospital. On the other hand, the surgery center will not have all the resources that hospital will have if there are complications, so the final decision will probably have to come down to exactly what is planned during the body lift, and your overall health. Personally, I do my body lifts in a hospital and plan on the patient staying overnight and leaving the next morning, and that has worked very well for my patients in the past, and makes me comfortable because I always like to err on the cautious side.