CoolSculpting Is an Ideal Procedure for Men and Women

Last year, CoolSculpting became one of the most popular advances in the world of plastic surgery. Almost two million treatments have been performed since it was introduced. And it’s not just popular among women, men can benefit from CoolSculpting, too. Every day more doctors are offering CoolSculpting treatments in their practices.

How CoolSculpting Technology Works

When most people talk about getting rid of unwanted fat, they talk about “burning” it off through exercise. CoolScuplting does exactly the opposite – it freezes your fat using cryolipolysis, a form of controlled cooling that is applied to specific areas of the body. A special device is applied to the target area which freezes the fat cells until they crystallize. Only the fat cells are affected because they freeze at a lower temperature than other types of cells in the human body. Once the cells are frozen, they die and are slowly removed from the body through natural elimination.

One of the best parts about this technology is that it doesn’t require any kind of invasive or painful surgery. There are no incisions, no anesthesia, and no downtime whatsoever. Patients can get as many treatments as they need without having to shell out a ton of money to get the body they want.

How Men and Women Benefit From CoolSculpting

Both genders can suffer from body image issues that result from stubborn pockets of fat around the hips, thighs, arms, and abdomen. Diet and exercise don’t always work on these areas as well as we’d like, even after significant weight loss. CoolSculpting is an awesome choice for getting rid of fat in these areas without requiring surgery. Once all that fat is eliminated from the body, the body looks more contoured and trim. Having a body that looks fit and healthy can be a huge confidence boost.

Are You a Candidate for CoolSculpting?

If you are between 10 and 30 pounds overweight with a generally healthy lifestyle, you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting. This procedure can help you fix those last stubborn pockets of fat so you can be at your ideal body weight and shape. If you are more than 30 pounds overweight, however, CoolSculpting may not be the best choice for you because it’s not designed to be a weight loss solution.

Schedule a CoolSculpting Consultation

If you’d like to join the thousands of current and former CoolSculpting patients, contact Weniger Plastic Surgery at (843) 757-0123 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Weniger is a board-certified plastic surgeon with special training in the CoolSculpting technology equipment. He’ll develop a specific treatment plan for you based on an assessment of your problem areas and address any questions you may have regarding the treatment.