Can I get my breasts made the same size at the same time?


After breast feeding 2 children just 13 months apart, my breasts are a wreck. The left breast is much bigger than the right and they sag. I want a breast lift. How long do I need to wait to get it (I finished breastfeeding 4 months ago)? Can I get my breasts made the same size at the same time?


The easy point of your question is whether you can get your breasts near the same size at the same time, the answer is yes. If you want them both to be the same as the smaller side, then the bigger side can be reduced slightly at the time of the lift. If you like that the other way around, you can add an implant to one side or add an implant to both sides. I would caution you against an implant just on one side, because the breasts are likely to age differently if we do that.

The more difficult part of the question is how long you need to wait if you finished breast feeding four months ago. Certainly, if the breasts are still changing, we should still wait. I have done a literature search on exactly this question, and came up with exactly no signs to back up any suggestion. Furthermore, I could not really come up with any good suggestions. I used the rule of thumb of somewhere around two to six months, depending on when the patient’s milk dried up. This is the most important thing to me, not necessarily when they finished breast feeding. If there has been no more lactation for four months, and that you feel that your breasts have shrunken significantly, and they are not changing anymore, you might be ready to go in the next month or two.