Busting the Top Breast Lift Myths

A breast lift can help a woman in many ways, from physical benefits to improved self-confidence. Many women turn to breast lift surgery to appear younger and more feminine or to feel better in their own bodies. Still, a breast lift procedure is an invasive surgery and must be carefully considered by any patient. If you’re considering the procedure for yourself, you’ll need to know how to separate the facts from the myths in order to make the right decision. These busted myths will clear up some of your confusion before you visit with your plastic surgeon for a breast lift consultation.

Exercise Can’t Lift Your Breasts

When women begin noticing that their breast tissue has started to sag, some of them might see this as an indication of poor muscle tone or weight gain. While fluctuations in weight can definitely impact the firmness and position of the breasts, it’s important to understand that exercising more won’t help you to lift those breasts back to their original position on the body. Breast sagging is a result of lax skin, pregnancies and breastfeeding, and many other factors, including genetics. Consult with a plastic surgeon to learn more about the breast lift procedure and what makes it a better way to improve your breasts and your body.

Breast Lifts Create Huge Scars

While it’s physically impossible to have a surgical procedure that leaves behind no scar tissue at all, not every surgery has to make big marks on your body. In fact, if the breast lift procedure improved your appearance at the cost of large and unsightly scars, far fewer women would be looking into the procedure. A highly skilled, board certified plastic surgeon can perform your breast lift procedure with minimal incisions, carefully placed in well-hidden areas along the natural creases in your skin. Of course, you’ll know these scars are there and you may notice them right away, but they will be inconspicuous enough to put that bikini on again and not worry that your scars are obvious.

Breast Lifts Aren’t for Just One Size

Some women assume that they will need to have either very large breasts or very small breasts in order to qualify for breast lift surgery. The truth is there isn’t a magical size that you must meet before your procedure. The most important criteria for a good candidate are being physically healthy, not smoking, and having a reasonable expectation for results. While some women with larger breasts may be better served by a breast reduction surgery, there aren’t size restrictions to worry about. Meet with your plastic surgeon to discuss the expected outcome of your own breast lift surgery.

Realistic Expectations for Your Breast Lift

The success of any plastic surgery procedure may depend on your expected results ahead of time. If you’re looking for changes that aren’t possible, you may be dissatisfied after your surgery and recovery period. The breast lift procedure can do many things to benefit you and your body, but be aware that it will not involve the following changes:

  • The removal of stretch marks.
  • A reduction in your breast tissue or breast size.
  • An increase in your breast tissue or breast size.
  • Permanent changes to your breasts.

A breast lift is designed to reshape and lift the breasts but not to add or decrease the volume of your breasts. While your breasts will look more youthful and rejuvenated after your surgery, bear in mind that your results can’t be permanent. Your body and your breasts will still be subject to the changes of aging and gravity. Of course, your breasts will have a head start on the aging process that will keep them looking younger than they should be for a long time!

Find Out More About Breast Lift Surgery Today

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