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Breast Implant Removal

Are You Considering Breast Implant Removal?

Many Hilton Head area women choose breast implant removal from the area’s leading board-certified plastic surgeon, Frederick G. Weniger, MD. Dr. Weniger takes a patient-centric approach that emphasizes complete satisfaction. He understands the unique needs and concerns of every woman, and takes the time to formulate optimal breast implant removal strategies to give every woman the natural-looking, beautiful breasts they want. 

Understanding Breast Implant Removal

The breast implant removal process focuses on removing saline or silicone implants that a woman no longer wants for any reason. After breast implant removal, a woman has only her own natural breast tissue unless she opts for new implants or fat grafting to breasts. Some women have breast implant removal a year or two after getting the implants, but many women who get breast implant removal do so after having the implants for 20 or 30 years, or even longer. 

Why Choose Breast Implant Removal?

Every woman has their own reasons for choosing to remove their breast implants. Some of the most common reasons that women may make this decision are:

  • The implants don’t look right anymore, due to weight gain, weight loss, menopause, or body changes.
  • To return to natural breasts
  • To replace current implants with larger or smaller ones
  • To change breast shape or structure
  • To remove implants in favor of fat grafting to breasts.
  • Silicone or Saline implant rupture

In some cases, breast implant removal surgery is the first step in a total breast enhancement procedure. For example, many women choose to remove the old implants and then add new ones.  Dr. Weniger can typically perform any necessary procedures during a single surgery session. This means that patients typically only need to undergo anesthesia once to get the breasts they desire. 

What is the Breast Implant Removal Process?

The breast implant removal process varies depending on the type of implant and individual patient needs. 

For saline implants, Dr. Weniger can typically deflate the implants in the Weniger Plastic Surgery office, using local anesthesia. This gives patients a preview of their breast appearance with the implant gone. Many women like to try out their new, smaller, breast size for a week or two. This allows time to decide whether new replacement implants and/or a breast lift are needed. When a woman decides on a lift and/or new implants, it’s best to schedule this surgery within around two weeks, while the implant pocket remains open. 

For silicone implant removal, Dr. Weniger must remove the implant in one piece, so there’s no preview phase. But, during the consultation, Dr. Weniger can explain the expected results with example photos. After removing silicone implants, Dr. Weniger can immediately perform a breast lift and/or insert new implants to complete the breast enhancement process. 

Dr. Weniger typically uses the same incisions as those used for the original breast implants, which helps minimize scarring. If there’s any scar tissue buildup from the implant, such as capsular contracture in which the capsule around the implant tightens, Dr. Weniger removes that tissue along with the implant to ensure that the breast tissue feels natural. 

Common Breast Implant Removal Questions and Concerns

  • Is breast implant removal safe?

Yes, breast implant removal is typically a safe procedure with excellent patient outcomes. All surgery carries risks, but when the procedure is performed by a premier board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Weniger, it greatly minimizes the chance of surgical complications. Before the surgery, Dr. Weniger explains all potential risks and complications during the consultation. Patient safety and comfort is always the first priority at Weniger Plastic Surgery. 

  • How long does it take to recover from breast implant removal?

Breast implant removal recovery varies depending on the individual. Implant removal alone may have a shorter recovery than implant removal with a breast lift and/or implant replacement. In general, most patients return to a regular routine within a few weeks. Dr. Weniger explains the recovery instructions, which are typically the same rules as with a breast augmentation. This includes wearing a support garment, limited exercise, taking prescribed medication, and returning for a follow-up appointment. 

Although the change in size is usually obvious after breast implant removal, some amount of swelling is normal after this surgery, and that can distort the size and appearance of breasts temporarily. Breasts may not arrive at their final shape for up to a few months.

  • Do breasts sag after implant removal?

This really depends on the situation.  It’s important to understand that implants give the breast tissue considerable fullness, so removing the implants can leave skin sagging. This is especially true if your breasts were already sagging before the implant removal. Removing the implants doesn’t reposition the breasts, so a breast lift may be needed after the implant removal to ensure a sag-free, natural looking result. Replacing the implants with new ones (smaller ones, if desired) can also prevent sagging. 

Have Additional Questions About Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal is a highly personal choice, and Dr. Weniger and the Weniger Plastic Surgery team understand everything that goes into this decision. The best way to learn more is through a consultation with Dr. Weniger

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