Body lift surgical procedure.

Question: I heard that the body lift is really like a combination of procedures like the tummy tuck, liposuction and the thigh lift and that it can be performed all at once or in stages.  Will it be safer to perform it in stages?

Answer: There is an advantage to shorter surgeries, but if you consider that the more dangerous parts of anesthesia are going to sleep and waking up, then there is probably an advantage also to one larger surgery.  Of course, with a larger surgery, there is a larger recovery, and more risk related to the individual procedure.  I do think though that if someone who is going to have an around the world/circumferential abdominoplasty/lower body lift, that this is best performed in one stage and would be the preference.  I do think it is more recovery, more anesthetic time, probably more risk, although this has never been proven, and definitely more expense to do it in stages.