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What Is Ear Surgery Really Like?

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, can offer patients an opportunity to reshape, resize, and reposition their ears in a way that is more desirable. Those who feel their ears are too big, misshapen, or too prominent can be very self-conscious about their appearance. Ear surgery can correct these issues and help patients to become more comfortable […]

Fat Grafting Delivers Big Benefits to Patients

Getting older isn’t fun for anyone, especially while watching how drastically the body and face can change. Men and women alike often complain about the shifting of fat pads from the upper portion of the face, collecting down around the jaw and chin as jowls or turkey wattle. Such changes can unbalance the entire face, […]

Contouring the Neck: Lift, Lipo, or Both?

The neck is pretty notorious for revealing a person’s age no matter what age he or she might claim. Jowls may form, hanging down on either side of the face. “Turkey wattle” is another unfortunate side effect of aging, a condition where excess skin hangs down from beneath the chin just like what’s on a […]

Correcting the Top Myths About Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery is one of the plastic-surgery industry’s best-kept secrets. While it doesn’t receive as much attention as facelift surgery, it can still create dramatic anti-aging results for the right patients. The procedure itself, like most facial plastic surgeries, is a delicate one that must be taken seriously to avoid potential complications. Still, patients […]

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