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Support Your Surgical Results With Fat Grafting

When most of us imagine the process of aging, we think of lines and wrinkles, maybe creases and loose, inelastic skin. Perhaps the image of sunken eyes or hollow cheeks also emerges, but not for everyone. Yet, it is the loss of volume from key areas of the face like these that can truly reveal […]

Five Quick Facts About Breast Reduction

For the right patients, breast reduction surgery is a life-changing procedure that can offer many positive benefits to a woman’s physical and emotional health. Breast reductions are often used to alleviate some of the strain that heavy breasts place on the neck and back. They can also help to improve her mobility, reduce the symptoms […]

How to Recover Smoothly From Liposuction Treatments

As the top requested body contouring procedure, liposuction can change the lives of its patients. Men and women benefit from the second chance at the body they desire. Liposuction removes the fat deposits that diet and exercise can’t remove, a process that has been refined through advancements in medicine and technology throughout the past few […]

Six Great Reasons to Choose Fat Grafting

As the face ages, wrinkles aren’t the only unwanted side effect many men and women face. In fact, the loss of volume can sometimes make the face appear even older than it is. Tissue and fat are lost from the cheeks, chin, and other key areas of the face that help to keep the features […]

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