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Does Pelleve improve cellulite at all?

Question: Does pelleve improve cellulite at all? Answer: I think that Pelleve probably does improve cellulite, but it is extremely hard to prove because cellulite is probably most improved by increasing the skin tension and elasticity.

When will my breast stop being sore after my breast reduction?

Question: My breasts have been incredibly sore since my breast reduction. When will this get better? Answer: It is really unusual to have soreness in the breasts after reduction. Usually, there is very little pain, and that is usually gone in a week or two. I would have to say that I have never heard of […]

How effective is breast reconstruction surgery?

Question: When reconstructing a single breast, how close of a match will it get to the natural breast? Will they be approximately the same size? Answer: It really depends on the type of reconstruction that is done, the body type of the patient, and what the natural breasts looks like. It is usually not that […]

How much scarring can I expect after a body lift?

Question: I’m from Hilton Head, South Carolina and I’ve lost over 100lbs. I love how I look in clothes, but when not in clothes I’ve got a lot of saggy, wrinkly skin. I’d like to get a body lift to address the excess skin, but just how much scarring would I be looking at? Answer: […]

Mini tummy tuck vs. full tummy tuck.

Question: I love the idea of a mini tummy tuck, but I don’t want to be disappointed by the results if I’m going to go to the trouble of having surgery. How do I know if this would be sufficient for me or if I need a full tummy tuck? Answer: A full tummy tuck […]

Can fillers make my cheeks and face fuller?

Question: I have sunken cheeks and would love to add more fullness to my face. Is there one type of filler that works best for this and provides long-lasting result? Answer: Yes-Your own fat. I love fat grafting to have fullness to the face because it is permanent. Though not all the fat survives, but […]

Best age for children to have ear surgery.

Question: Is there an ideal age when children should undergo otoplasty? Answer: Most recommendations are that ear surgery should probably be done at an early school age, before children start to get made fun of, which is to avoid negative effects on their psychological development.

How soon after I get cheek implants can I return to work?

Question: How soon after I get cheek implants can I return to work? Will it be really noticeable to people that I’ve had work done? Answer: Well, there are different types of cheek implants, and I tend to not like silicone implants. I use Porex-type implants, which act more like part of the bone and […]

Can I breast feed after a breast reduction?

Question: I’m 27, from Atlanta, and I have overly large breasts which often cause me discomfort. I want a breast reduction, but I’m also hoping to get pregnant soon. If I get a breast reduction, will my breasts be able to produce a sufficient amount of milk to feed my future baby? Answer: Okay that […]

Better to have breast implants added above the muscle?

Question: One doctor recommended that I have implants placed above the muscle. What are the reasons for this as opposed to under the muscle? Answer: In my opinion, it is 2012. That means that there are really no reasons to place implants above the muscle. Placing implants above the muscle particularly in patients with insufficient […]

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