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Does it matter where I have my body lift procedure.

Question: Is it okay to have a body lift performed in the surgery center or should it take place in the hospital? Also, should there be an overnight stay afterwards or is it okay to go home the same day? Answer: For a true body lift, I think you should stay overnight afterwards. It is […]

What kinds of materials can chin implants be made from?

Question: My sister got breast implants a year ago (smooth saline). I am not interested in getting a boob job, but I would like to get a chin implant. When my sister was looking into breast implants, she looked in the differences in implant materials. I would like to do the same. What types of […]

Is my kid too young to have surgery.

Question: My 8 year old son is constantly teased because of his large ears. He wants to have a surgery, but I feel that he is too young and still growing and may regret having surgery in the future. What can I say to him to deter him from wanting this? Answer: Actually, you have […]

I have been researching abdominoplasties

Question: I have an excess of abdominal fat and skin that hangs down and I would like a tummy tuck. Is just the fat and skin removed during abdominoplasty or are the abdominal muscles tightened as well? Can you do the surgery through my C-section incision site? Answer: If you really have abdominal fat and […]

I’m getting married and want a rhinoplasty to fix my nose.

Question: I am 28 years old and I am getting married in three months. I want to have a rhinoplasty done to fix my nose, but how long will it take for the swelling to go down? Answer: Well, I guess you waited till the last minute, but I see this all the time in […]

I’ve been thinking about a breast reduction.

Question: Is there such a thing as a scarless breast reduction? Answer: There is not really a scarless breast reduction, but there is a breast reduction with very little scarring, which is actually performed with liposuction. In other words, liposuction is done to remove mostly the fatty portion of the breast (breasts are made of […]

I am about to undergo a mastectomy

Question: I have been researching breast reconstruction because I am about to undergo a mastectomy. I hear that autologous breast reconstruction is considered the best choice, but I do not really like the idea of taking tissue from another area of my body. I feel like I personally prefer to use the expander and implants, […]

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