Thigh Lift Bluffton

Prone to the effects of both gravity and time, the thighs can also be a prime area for fat collection and the accumulation of baggy skin folds. Significant weight loss or the use of liposuction as a sole form of fat treatment can all lead to sagging and loose skin in the thigh area. The inner thigh is typically the leg area that is most likely to first show the signs of aging such as sagging skin and undesirable shaping, however, many patients express concern about the appearance of both their inner and outer thighs and thus thigh lift treatments commonly address both of these zones. This is especially true for those individuals who have experienced dramatic and rapid weight loss. The thigh lift is an effective way to tighten the skin in this area, reduce stubborn and unwanted fat collections and re-contour the legs to achieve a more pleasant look.

Approximately a two-hour process, the thigh lift will entail both liposuction and the removal of unwanted skin to achieve a tighter, toned appearance. The typical goal of the thigh lift procedure is to create legs that are in proper proportion to the surrounding body areas while possessing a smooth, taut look. Many patients who opt to have a thigh lift performed do so because they are unable to achieve sufficient improvements in this area through diet and exercise alone or must contend with the sagging thigh skin that diet and exercise have produced.

During the standard thigh lift process the patient can opt for either twilight or general anesthesia to avoid any discomfort while the surgery is underway. An incision is strategically made and then excess skin is either lifted and tightened or excised. Whether or not excess thigh skin is merely lifted or permanently eliminated through precision cutting will depend upon the amount of skin and fat that must be addressed, the health and elasticity of the skin in the thigh area and the patient’s own preferences. Patients having undergone a gastric bypass surgery tend to be some of the ideal candidates for this procedure as the dramatic and rapid weight loss that gastric bypass is known to produce can also create loose and sagging skin in various body areas.

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