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Brazilian Butt Lift

A popular cosmetic procedure for creating perkier and more youthful buttocks, the Brazilian Butt Lift can be performed through either fat transfer or fat injections to create a more desirable and sculpted butt and overall body profile. Unwanted fat is removed from various body areas and then purified to eliminate toxins.

These fat cells, commonly referred to as donor fat cells, are then transferred into the buttocks to create a plump, well-rounded bottom. The fat reinjection process involves an extensive number of injections in order to ensure proper fat distribution and the creation of natural-looking and feeling buttocks. Butt implants tend to be the preferred cosmetic option for individuals with extremely small buttocks and minimal fat deposits in the abdominal region which are necessary for the fat transfer or injection processes common to the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

The autologous fat transfer process that is part of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is typically able to create far more natural-looking buttocks than butt implants are able to. The use of existing body fat stores to reshape an existing area helps to create a more shapely and well-proportioned body overall, while butt implants will merely increase the size of the buttocks and improve their shape without causing any cosmetic improvements in other body areas. As with breast implants or other cosmetic procedures that are performed to enhance the size of a specific body part, the major concern for the medical team during the initial stages of the Brazilian Butt Lift process is determining a butt size that will be appealing to the patient both now and in the future. This often means ensuring that there is sufficient fat for the autologous fat transfer for achieving the desired butt size as well as adequately revealing to the patient what the resulting changes in body proportioning will be.

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Few people have the ability to dramatically alter their natural proportions without the use of cosmetic surgery. Brazilian butt lifts help people to obtain the round, desirable behinds that they have been longing for, while eliminating unwanted deposits of fat in the thighs, love handles and abdominal and upper arm areas.

As with any invasive cosmetic procedure the patient will need to wait several weeks for a full recovery. One of the major concerns during this process is the amount of transferred fat that will live. Approximately 15% of the transferred fat cells will die and be reabsorbed into the body, which is normal for autologous fat transfer procedures. After approximately six to eight weeks, however, all swelling, discoloration and soreness in the affected areas should dissipate and the results can be accurately gauged. The ideal candidates for this procedure will not be more than 30 pounds overweight and will have good overall mental and physical health.

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